“R is for Rocket” by Ray Bradbury

July 10, 2010

The Book: “R is for Rocket” by Ray Bradbury.  The story was first published in 1943. The edition read is in R is for Rocket, published by Bantam Books in 1978.

The Setting:Earth, Florida, sometime in the future.

The Story: A boy loves rockets more than anything else and wants to be an astronaut.

The Science: The science is mostly in the background here, mostly mentioned in passing to establish the future-ness of the story.  Two quick bits:

  • To the moon! Rockets head to the moon on a weekly basis in this story.  Which is not how it goes nowadays.  We’ve not been to the moon since 1972.  Been there, done that, I guess.
  • Recorded Goodbyes: The boy and his mother say goodbye, but do it pre-recorded.  On audio-visual film spools.  Oh the 1940s, when film was the only way to go.  We’ve nothing so enduring as that for our basic household using.  So good guessing from Bradbury on space flight and in home technology, but it’s all turned out a bit differently.

The Reaction:You have to get past the future-y things mentioned as everyday, but once you get past it, it’s actually quite a sweet little story about a boy getting a chance at this dreams.  I liked it.

The Cover: “R is for Rocket, huh?  I’ll give ya rockets!  And lots of them.  In blue!”  So many rockets, so little context.

Next Up: Perelandra by C. S. Lewis


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