“Chrysalis” by Ray Bradbury

September 2, 2010

The Book: “Chrysalis” by Ray Bradbury.  Originally published in Amazing Stories in 1946.  The edition read was published in S is for Space by Bantum in 1970.

The Setting: Earth.

The Story: A guy turns green and petrifies, but isn’t quite dead yet.  Two doctors argue about whether or not he should be destroyed.

The Science: Radiation is pretty amazing isn’t it?  One of those pesky little catchalls which can do anything you want it to in a story.  Here, Bradbury wants it to make a man’s body into a chrysalis for the next stage of evolution.  So he does.  Science says…. No.  Not gonna happen.  Radiation might give you cancer and mutate some cells, but mostly that’s gonna kill you and deform your babies.

The Reaction: A neat little story, but with a rather disappointing ending.  The guy hatches and…  it’s the same guy.  But he can fly off into space.  So he does.  And that’s it.

The Cover: Ray Bradbury squints at a spaceman doing the backstroke.  It’s a bit silly, but you’re buying this book for Bradbury, aren’t you?

Next Up: NSF double header, take 2, courtesy of Bradbury.



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