“The One Who Waits” by Ray Bradbury

November 5, 2010

The Book: “The One Who Waits” by Ray Bradbury. Originally published in The Arkham Sampler, Summer 1949.  Story was read in The Machineries of Joy, published by Bantum Books in 1965.

The Setting: Mars, the future.

The Story: An entity lives in a well, takes over the minds of men, then goes back to the well.

The Science: Not so much science as procedure today. Man lands on Mars. Man finds ancient Martian well. Man takes 30 seconds to run a test on it and starts drinking – becomes possessed by Martian entity. Would man really be so rash? Okay, he probably would. Well played, Bradbury, well played.

The Reaction: Very short, pretty tight. Worth the read. Also, a story about water on Mars reminded me of the Doctor Who special The Waters of Mars. There are a couple of similarities, but mostly not.

The Cover: Same as last time.

Next Up: Needle by Hal Clement


One comment

  1. […] Wine, but I have read a few stories from The Machineries of Joy and so far my favorite is “The One Who Waits.” It is a creepy, very Bradbury story that could have been worked into The Martian […]

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