“The Blue Bottle” by Ray Bradbury

February 4, 2011

The Book: “The Blue Bottle” by Ray Bradbury. Originally published by Planet Stories in Fall 1950, the story was read in Long after Midnight published by Bantam in 1978.

The Setting: Mars.

The Story: A man seeks for an ancient and mysterious blue bottle.

The Science: I mean, it’s set on Mars, but it’s not really science fiction, it fantasy. A bottle that contains whatever you most desire? That’s fantasy.

The Reaction: Even at only 12 pages, I felt ripped off by this story. It was kind of dull and simplistic. I wasn’t really feeling the characters and the magical blue bottle kind of annoyed me. Bah.

The Cover: Still the same as before.

Next Up: “Punishment without Crime” by Ray Bradbury



  1. Perhaps if you didn’t have such blinkered view of ‘science fiction’ you might appreciate a writer that does not rely on stereotypical imagery when composing literature

  2. I liked it solely for the ending. Has been a philosophy I’ve striven for all these years.

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