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“The Human Angle” by William Tenn

November 4, 2010

The Book: “The Human Angle” by William Tenn. Originally published in the October 1948 edition of Famous Fantastic Mysteries. The story was read in The Human Angle (a collection of William Tenn Stories) printed by Bantum in 1964.

The Setting: Way out in the boonies, USA.

The Story: A reporter tries to find ‘the human angle’ on a story of a vampire hunt and becomes much more familiar with the subject than he had expected.

The Science: The only thing to really address in this very short story is: Do vampires exist? Under the fangs in neck, afraid of light and garlic category – no.  The internet tells me so. But there are, ahem, a lot of opinions on the topic.

The Reaction: After so much Bradbury, a different narrative voice was welcome, and this is a nice, tight little story. Not totally unpredictable, but nice.

The Cover: Four words: Joan Miro in space.

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